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Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

ELB provides high-quality, on-premise Video Conferencing infrastructure solutions, and cloud based Video Conferencing services with nation-wide coverage. With ELB, you can invite participants to join your Video Conference from any video-enabled device (desktop systems, web browsers and mobile devices).

Supported by the largest suppliers of Video Conferencing technologies, ELB has become a dominant player in the Video Conferencing field over the last decade.


Video Conferencing Made Easy (VCme) is a cloud-based Video Conferencing solution that makes high quality Video Conferencing possible for everyone, from your in-room system to multiple participants on desktop systems, web browsers or mobile devices.

VCme allows you to connect to a Virtual Meeting Room and experience high quality video with your colleagues, partners and clients. Participants can join from a conference room, connect from a desktop or work remotely on any internet-enabled mobile device.

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Polycom RealPresence Room solutions are simple to operate, delivering a flawless visual communications experience every time, including video, voice and content collaboration.

Polycom RealPresence Desktop solutions bring face-to-face communications to your personal workspace, at work or at home, delivering easy-to-use HD video conferencing, voice, and content collaboration to individuals at all levels of the organisation.

Polycom RealPresence Mobile securely extends video collaboration to easily connect tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android) with other standards based video systems.


Cisco TelePresence solutions offer clients the easiest, most dynamic way for dispersed teams to innovate, troubleshoot and collaborate face-to-face.

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms brings together Cisco's VC infrastructure and scalable, WebEx cloud conferencing services to deliver an exceptional meeting experience.

Cisco TelePresence Endpoints makes In-Person experiences possible for businesses of all sizes, with solutions for everything from multi-screen, immersive group meetings to desktop systems and video-enabled phones for individuals.

Arrive FacePoint

Arrive FacePoint provides customers the opportunity to enjoy Arrive’s Edgeless Media experience in meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, class rooms and training rooms by providing Cloud, BYOD and legacy wired media connectivity.

Ease-of-use coupled with advanced collaboration capabilities, Arrive FacePoint brings communication devices and disconnected platforms together across all workspaces, successfully bridging high quality AV with familiar collaboration tools. Using Arrive FacePoint teams and in-room groups of participants can now enjoy a collaboration experience in high quality Audio Visual and multiple large screen display environments.

MeetSmart cloud-based video conferencing

MeetSmart is a cloud-based video communication service that transforms the way you work with a professional high quality virtual meeting room.

MeetSmart allows seamless video collaboration across different networks and between a wide range of solutions, including conference rooms, desktops, mobile devices, and digital media screens. You can participate in MeetSmart sessions from anywhere using any internet-enabled device.  

Never has video conferencing been so easy and affordable for organisations big and small. Sign up today and start collaborating in minutes!