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Electronic Whiteboards

Productive Meeting Tools

An electronic whiteboard, or copyboard, is a recording device that allows you to save or print data written on the boards' surface. The newer models also have built-in email capabilities.

With an electronic whiteboard you no longer need to take notes. Instead, every meeting participant is free to concentrate on the discussion at hand and contribute their ideas by writing and drawing on the board's surface. At the end of the meeting, all of the important details can be shared digitally or printed out. More lively discussions, better comprehension, and better outcomes, can all be expected with an electronic whiteboard. 

PLUS Copyboards

The all new PLUS electronic copyboards can help your meetings become more dynamic, creative, informational, and productive.

Meeting attendees can contribute ideas and provide input by adding their comments to the “writable” screen of the board. Combine and save all of the notes and comments along with the original projected image to your computer. Exact copies of the meeting notes can be easily stored and distributed − with printed copies or via email. Simple push-button operation for printing your written notes in colour or saving them digitally to a USB memory stick or directly to your PC. PLUS boards can be wall mounted or used with the mobile floor stand.